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You are all invit to come to our Tag Sale on July 14th until 16th during the Pique-Nique Holstein Quebec!

40 amazing lot will be offer to you coming from the best cows familly around North America! Also 5 lots from Blondin Farm will be offering during the sale! We are very excited to see you all during that great event!!

Herd Classification:

28 EX - 88 VG - 11 GP

Next classification will be at the end of May, Stay tunned!


Jeanlu's Historic

Created in 1956 by Lucille Labbé et Jean-Paul Poulin, Ferme J.P. Poulin et Fils is also known on Jeanlu Holstein name. Lucille et her sons, Daniel et Simon, were partenership in 1982. Daniel left the farm in 1999 and Jeannine Busque, Simon's wife, bought the share of him and became co-owner with Simon.

In 2013, Sarah became owner with her parents and got 50%. At this same year, they started to milk in an other farm, not too far from the main barn, where their show cows are.

Today, the farm has a quota of 112 kg with 300 heads whose 105 milking cows. The farm own more than 600 acres in cultur and own also a maple grove. They do a lot of shows and love the improve their genetic herd.