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Cows Family

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Cows Family



Brigeen Rudolph Glinda T.B. 86 18*   Holstein Canada

Daughter of Glinda X Igniter

Comestar Gloria Igniter T.B. 86 3*   Holstein Canada

Daughter of Gloria X Champion

Jeanlu Champion Glidia T.B. 88 2*   Holstein Canada

Glidia x Zesty

Jeanlu Zesty Good EX-91   Holstein Canada
Her dam : Jeanlu Champion Glidia VG 88 2 *
Rudolph Glinda's familly

Daughter of Glinda X Lheros

Jeanlu Lhreos Girl T.B. 4*   Holstein Canada

Daughter of Girl X Titanic

Jeanlu Titanic Gloss EX 92 4*   Holstein Canada
Several descendants of Gloss at the farm with lot of milk and type!!

Daughter of Gloss X Bolton

Jeanlu Bolton Great T.B. 86 2 ans + 2020 IPVG   Holstein Canada
1 superior lactation
2nd dam : Jeanlu Titanic Gloss EX 92
9 VG or EX dams with 21*
Maryclerc Bronco Goddess is now fresh and looks awesome!!

Gloss's daughter

Jeanlu Mr Burns Gracia EX   Holstein Canada
2-3 305 jrs 10 857 kg 3,5%F 3,3%P (262-252-274)
Her dam: Jeanlu Titanic Gloss EX-92 2*
Rudolph Glinda VG-86 18* familly

Gloss x Bogart

Jeanlu Bogart Glorious EX-91   Holstein Canada
She is an amazing young cow!
Her dam: Jeanlu Titanic Gloss EX-92 4*
Glorious has a daughter by Fever born in April 2013


Maryclerc Bronco Goddess VG-86 2yrs   Holstein Canada
P. 2-3 97days 10 701kg 4,0%F 3,4%P (255-269-273)
Her dam: Jeanlu Bolton Great VG-86 2yr-old
2nd dam: Jeanlu Titanic Gloss EX-92 3*
Pregs by Eloquent (Lavaman x Planet)
Embryos available by Lancome
2721 GLPI