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Senior 3 for 2016

Rosedale Isnt She Clever-VG-88-2YR
Rosedale Isnt She Clever-VG-88-2YR  Holstein Canada
VG-88-2YR Sid X Rosedale Lexington EX-95 Reserve All-American in 2014!!
Same family as Blackrose EX-96-3E 7*

Junior 3 for 2016

Jeanlu Fever Girlisha-VG-88-2YR
Jeanlu Fever Girlisha-VG-88-2YR  Holstein Canada
Big time Junior 3 for 2016!!
From the Jeanlu Titanic Gloss EX-92 5* family!!

Goldwyn x Shottle Prairie x Pledge!

Farnear-TBR Paradse-Gold-ET EX
Farnear-TBR Paradse-Gold-ET EX  Holstein Canada
Her dam: Windy-Knoll-View Prairie EX-92 (Shottle)
2nd dam: Windy-Knoll-View Pledge EX-95 3E
Nom. All-American 4yr-old 2006
1st 5yr-old WDE 2007
Next dams: Promis EX-95 2E 4* - Pala EX-94 3E - VG-88
Paradse has Doorman & Windbrook calves at the farm right now!

Embryos available by Sid

Junior 3 for 2016

Jeanlu Goldwyn Ginger-VG-86-2YR
Jeanlu Goldwyn Ginger-VG-86-2YR  Holstein Canada
A VG-86-2YR Goldwyn direct daughter of Jeanlu Titanic Gloss EX-92 5*!!

4yr'old for 2016

Budjon-JK Goldwyn Egency-VG-87-2YR
Budjon-JK Goldwyn Egency-VG-87-2YR  Holstein Canada
A VG-87-2YR Goldwyn from Budjon-JK Durham Embrace EX-95 X Encore Electra EX-95 X Broker Elegence EX-96!!

Embryos available by DOORMAN

VG-88 Sid X Idee Goldwyn Lulu EX-95 5*

Dymentholm Lexis Lavisha-VG-88-3YR
Dymentholm Lexis Lavisha-VG-88-3YR  Holstein Canada
Idee Goldwyn Lulu EX-95 5*
HM All-Canadian 2ans Jr, 1an jr
All-Ontario Jr 2 2009
HM Inter Champ Qc International Show 2009
Grand Champ Atlantic 2009
Inter Champ Atlantic Summer show 2010
Her dam: Idee Louis Luise EX-94 2E
Lydia EX-92 19* familly

Mature Cow

Jacobs Jack Viola EX-91-2E
Jacobs Jack Viola EX-91-2E  Holstein Canada
Grand Champion Expo Bassin de la Chaudière 2012
2nd Sr 3 Expo Quebec 2012
2nd Sr 2 Expo Bassin de la Chaudière 2011
1st Winter Yearling Expo Québec et Bassin de la Chaudière 2010
1st Winter Yearling & Junior Champion Expo de Beauce 2010
Viola was fresh in May 2016 and has pregnancies by Atwood coming soon!

Her daughter by Sid Senior 3 for 2016

Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Abby EX-93
Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Abby EX-93  Holstein Canada
1st 4yrs, Best udder & Grand Champion Expo Basssin
de la Chaudière & Beauce 2013
2nd 4yrs Expo Provincial de Montmagny 2013
Dam: BVK Durham Allie VG-86
Next dams: Lee Adene EX - Chief Adeen EX-94 2E 3*
Abby's Sid sr 3 is due in May 2016

Mature Cow

Jacobs Baxter Brune EX-92 (94 MS)
Jacobs Baxter Brune EX-92 (94 MS)  Holstein Canada
Nom. All-American, All-Canadian and Tout-Québec 2011
5th Jr 2 WDE 2011
2nd Jr 2 Expo Québec
1st, best udder & Honorable Mention Expo Bassin de la Chaudière
1st & best udder Expo de Beauce
Dam: Jacobs Goldwyn Brillance EX
Full sister to Goldwyn Britany EX-96 2E / 1st 4yr-old RAWF, EIHQ & Expo Québec 2011
Daughters x Brokaw
Brune is on a flush program now, inquiries are welcome!

5 ans

Milksource Glwyn Rosanna VG-88
Milksource Glwyn Rosanna VG-88  Holstein Canada
2nd Sr 2 Expo Bassin de la Chaudière & Beauce 2013
Dam: Brigeen Shottle Rhonda EX
2nd dam: Brigeen Convincer Rhonda EX-95 2E
11 generations of VG or EX with 8*

BVK Goldwin Akili VG-86
BVK Goldwin Akili VG-86  Holstein Canada
Akili has a nice senior 3 Sid VG-87-2YR

Mature cow

Jeanlu Goldwyn Summerlove EX-94 3E
Jeanlu Goldwyn Summerlove EX-94 3E  Holstein Canada
1st mature cow & best udder Expo de Beauce 2013
1st 4 yrs-old, Best Udder & Reserve Champion Expo Bassin de la Chaudière 2011
1st JR 3, Best udder & H-M Expo Bassin de la chaudière 2010
1sr JR 3 & Best udder Expo de Beauce 2010

Mature Cow

Rosedale Broken Vow-Red VG-88
Rosedale Broken Vow-Red VG-88  Holstein Canada